The Washbowl is an easy hike for children or photographers. There is a nice view just before the Washbowl. A nice two-fer with Chapel Pond providing a popular swimming spot.


Washbowl via Chapel Pond Trailhead: South on Route 73 from Lake Placid, past Keene Valley, south of Chapel Pond.

1.4 miles RT, Easy Walk

Time in hours:

Family with Young Kids: 30 minutes
Experienced Hiker: 30 minutes or less
Out of Shape Hiker: 30 minutes

Snowshoeing and Ice Skating

The Giant's Washbowl is an excellent destination in any season, but especially in winter when this stunning mountain pond is covered in ice.

From the parking area, carefully cross Route 73 and sign in at the trail register. The first half mile of this route varies between short, level sections and moderate to steep uphill climbs. There's a wonderful view to the left before things level out and the Washbowl is reached. 

Trailhead: Travel south on Route 73 from Lake Placid, pass through Keene Valley, and look for the Chapel Pond parking area on the right.

Distance: 0.7 mile to the Washbowl.

Even if you don't skate, it's a great trip. Read our blog post, Hockey Sticks Hike.