South Meadow

  • Meadow Lane, Lake Placid

Hike Features

Ponds / Lakes

You may think of South Meadow is simply as a place to park your car when hiking into the High Peaks Region, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a birding destination, a wildflower hunting ground, and an amazing scenic opportunity. The trail is only a vague path and is not marked in any way, but the woods and grassy areas are open and walkable.

Primary trailhead

Leave Lake Placid on Route 73, follow Route 73 toward Keene. Take the first right after the ski jumps onto Adirondack Loj Road. Then about 3.8 miles down this road, take a left onto Meadow Lane. Follow this somewhat rough road for 1.0 mile all the way to the end at the parking lot.


This is a 0.4 mile, one way; hike is over level ground that leads into South Meadow. From the parking area, locate a wood outhouse on the left and then locate the herd-path located in that general region. Alternatively, start along the red-marked Klondike Trail for 100 yds. and then go left through the grasses. Once on the herd-path it will proceed over gentle grades through an open forest.

Keep South Meadow on your right, it can be seen through the trees.


A grassy meadow bisected by a wide brook offers a blend of habitats. This area is protected by the High Peaks to the south and the Sentinel Range to the north.

Habitat: slow moving river, meadow, and forest

Featured birds: woodpeckers; Swamp Sparrow; Boreal Chickadee; Black-and-white, Tennessee, Nashville, and Black-throated Blue Warblers; Alder Flycatcher; Least Flycatcher; and more!