Blueberry Cobbles

  • Route 9, Elizabethtown

Hike Features


This aptly-named mountain is the first summit on the East Trail to Rocky Peak and Giant at 1.9 miles from Rt. 9.

How to get there

Head south on Route 9 from Elizabethtown. Continue for 5.6 miles to the trailhead on the left, beyond the village of New Russia.

By the numbers

  • Distance: 4.4 miles RT
  • Elevation: 2053’


Berries in season? The best ones are beyond the first lookout (1.9 miles) on the summit ledges at 2.2 miles.

From the trailhead you won’t be on the level for very long before the trail starts a serious ascent to high country.

The trail sweeps around a couple unnamed little knobs before making a final push to the first viewing point at 1.6 miles. Just past here there is another view to the right at 1.8 miles and then an intersection with the Blueberry Cobbles Cut-off Trail on the right. Bear left and continue slightly uphill to blueberry heaven and some additional nice views. The trail continues over the top of Blueberry Cobbles and eventually to Rocky Peak Ridge.


This is a good trail for learning how to summit with snowshoes.