Bear Den Mountain

  • 5021 Route 86, Wilmington

Hike Features


Bear Den Mountain is one of those hidden peaks that gets very little attention, but should be high on everyone’s list to check out. It’s located above the Ausable River and has really unique views of the Whiteface Mountain Ski Area.

How to get there

From downtown Lake Placid, follow Route 86 toward Wilmington and the Whiteface Mountain Ski Center. Turn into the center and follow the road around to the right and to the Bear Den Lot.

By the numbers

  • Distance: 1.7 miles, one way
  • Elevation gain: 1350 Feet
  • Mountain elevation: 2650 feet


This is a 2.25 mile hike, one way, over mixed terrain. At the Bears Den Lot in the ski area the trail is located to the north side of the parking lot. The trail flows along the hillside through a rough area that can be very wet. After 0.5 miles, the Bear Den Mountain Trail goes left, as a bike trails continue straight ahead. The Bear Den Mountain Trail from this point on is a foot trail that is generally plain, but does require some care to follow.

The trail starts off fairly easy but soon steepens and remains so to a saddle at the crest of the ridge at 1.6 miles.

Heading left you will remain in the trees a bit longer before breaking out onto an open rock ledge with amazing views with more views on a second summit. Heading right from the col you will again remain in the trees and start a climb that is much steeper with rocky outcropping and eventually a rock scramble near the summit. This summit is actually taller than the one marked as the true.


This makes a fine snowshoe and it's fun to watch the skiers at Whiteface while you're on the summit! The twin summits are open ledges with steep drop-offs. Please be very careful and keep an eye on young children, especially when it's icy.