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While staying in Lake Placid, one of the best things to do is to browse and explore the many Lake Placid antique shops where unique curiosities can be found! Time worn or pristine, antique furniture of the Adirondacks and pieces from around the world, these keepsakes from times gone by evoke a nostalgic feeling in the shopper. 

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Whether you are in the market for first-edition books or antique jewelry, you will love browsing Lake Placid's many antique stores. Truly no other form of shopping leaves you with the same sense of having found a one-of-a-kind treasure!

5730 Cascade Road, Lake Placid
(518) 523-5361

Twigs is a multi-vendor rustic gallery featuring crafts, antiques, and fine arts. Our popular, locally-made, Adirondack chairs are always in stock - we sell hundreds every year. Also, plan a visit to Swedish Hill Winery at Twigs, where there are wine...

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Antediluvian Antiques & Curiosities
2024 Saranac Ave., Lake Placid
(518) 523-3990
Non Vintage Antiques
2513 Main Street, Suite 2, Lake Placid
(518) 523-3913
1975 Saranac Ave, Lake Placid
(518) 523-3047
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Alan Pereske Antiques
2158 Saranac Avenue, Lake Placid
(518) 570-6933