Adirondack Decorative Arts & Crafts

  • 2512 Main Street, Lake Placid

Everything you need to furnish and decorate your home, camp, or office at affordable prices. The largest and oldest storefront on Main Street features three floors of rustic inventory including gifts, crafts, sportswear, lamps, glassware, hardware, Adirondack books and posters, furniture, decorative accessories, and more. Stop by and see why everyone loves our store.

Store Guide

First and second levels:

  • clothing
  • linen
  • garden
  • food products
  • lighting
  • chandeliers

Second level:

  • rustic Christmas decorations
  • bath
  • prints
  • books
  • posters
  • hardware
  • exterior lighting

Third level:

  • Old Hickory furniture and many other brands
  • local custom pieces: birch bark and twig rugs of various sizes and designs
  • artwork
  • table lamps
  • floor lamps