Slide Mountain

  • 615 Alstead Hill Road, Keene

Hike Features


Decent views, a lonely brook and open hardwoods offer a great change to the ordinary. Slide Mountain is located in the 23,000 acre Sentinel Range Wilderness Area, which is located at the corner of the townships of Wilmington, North Elba and Keene.

This is an easy to modest bushwhack to the Adirondacks 83rd Highest Peak. This is a "trailless" hike which requires some expertise with map and compass.

Trailhead Location: The trailhead is located at the West end of Alstead Hill Road, roughly 4 miles from the intersection of Route 73 and 9N in Keene and 16 miles from the Town of Lake Placid. This trail is also known as the Jackrabbit Trail which is the start of the route to Slide Mountain. The summit resides North of the Jackrabbit Trail and at the Southern end of the Sentinel Range.

10 miles RT, long hike with bushwhack - 3584’

Family with Young Kids: Not Recommended

Experienced Hiker: To Summit: Approximately 2.5 - 3.0 miles One-Way, Round Trip: 5.0 - 6.0 Miles. Average Time 5 – 6 Hours

Out of Shape Hiker: Not Recommended

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