The Lussi Trails

  • Route 86 & River Road, Lake Placid

The trails located on the Lake Placid Club and Resort Property exist due to a collaborative effort between the Lussi family and a local advocacy group called The Barkeater Trails Alliance (BETA). Several hours of riding exist on the periphery of the Lake Placid Club and Resort golf courses with constant improvements and additions to the network. Singletrack trails exist on either side of the Jackrabbit trail.

Getting there

The trail network is easy to get to following Mirror Lake Drive to Northwood Rd and across Route 86 onto the Jackrabbit Trail. The Lussi Family is allowing parking for cyclists at their driving range lot. Please be courteous of golfers and consider putting a donation in the Green donation box at the end of the lot.

There is also parking available at the pull-off on River Road. Riders can access the network via the Jackrabbit trail.

Mountain biking

Trails with names like Twisted Sister, Flying Wasp, and Judge Shmales are more moderate. Cinderella Story, Lumberyard, and Ty’s Ties are more challenging. Stop into one of Lake Placid’s local bike shops for a map and recommendations on where to ride.