Craig Wood Trails

  • Birdsong Lane, Lake Placid

Lake Placid's Craig Wood Trails

Great flow trails for beginner to advanced riders with a bit of technical riding to keep things fun.

Quick look

  • Mileage: 6.5 total miles
  • Number of trails: 15
  • Green trails: 2
  • Blue trails: 11
  • Black trails: 1
  • Expert trails: 1
  • Land ownership: Municipal — Town of North Elba
  • E-bikes: Class 1 allowed
  • Note: Be respectful of golfers on trails that are close to the course.
  • Pro tip! There is a club house in the middle of the course with a restaurant called Louie’s Place that is a great way to relax between laps. Closest refreshments to the World Cup race site of Mt Van Hoevenberg.


The Craig Wood trails are built in the woods around the Craig Wood Golf Course, a public golf course operated by the Town of North Elba Parks & Recreation Department. The trails in this system are designed with flow in mind and most are not as technical as other trails in Lake Placid. However, most riders will still find plenty of roots, rocks, berms, jumps, and drops to keep themselves entertained.


Less than 4 miles from the steps of the Mt Van Hoevenberg lodge is the trailhead parking lot for the trails. Craig Wood has a large gravel parking lot off of Club House Road that can accommodate vehicles of all sizes. There’s an information kiosk at the trailhead to help you get the lay of the land.


  • Green Jacket — A newly built flow trail — a great place to work on progressing to bigger jumps. All jumps are tables, so no need to fear the gap.
  • Duffer’s Delight — A longer intermediate trail that makes a great addition to the end of 19th Hole. 
  • Louie’s Place — Berms and wings? Is this heaven?

Suggested routes

  • Craig Wood: Full Tour (Trailforks) If you want to hit everything at Craig Wood in one go, this is the best way to do it. If you’re feeling your oats, take a look at the experts-only Gold Jacket, but if that's not your speed, you can just hop over and do Green Jacket again (you know you wanted to anyway).
  • Just the Facts, Ma’am (Trailforks) If flow trails and jumps aren't your thing, this is the route for you. You'll still find some great downhills and berms, but mostly you'll find great singletrack trails with a little bit of flow and a little bit of chunk.
  • Legend Has It (Trailforks) Okay, you've heard there's some big jumps and flow lurking in the woods and you're too anxious to be distracted by all the other great trails. Here's how you get your adrenaline fix as quickly as possible. Some of these features are bigger than you think. Remember: pre-ride, re-ride, free-ride!