Rooster Comb Cliffs

  • Route 73, Keene Valley

A few adventurous alpine-style routes sit atop this pretty summit with excellent views. The long approach makes for a great full day adventure, and provides some solitude in the mountains.

How to get there

Rooster Comb trailhead: Start at parking lot on Route 73, 0.4 mile south of Valley Grocery in Keene Valley.

By the numbers

The approach takes roughly one and a half hours. At two miles down the Rooster Comb Trail, you will reach the intersection with the summit trail, follow the summit trail past the sign indicating the .3 miles remaining to the summit. Continue until a the trail takes a 90 degree right turn. Instead of taking this turn, bushwhack straight down a narrow gulley. continue on for around five minutes, to the open area at the base of the cliff.

Rock climbing

For those interested in climbing history and alpine environments, this area may be for you! Fritz Weissner and Jim Goodwin first established routes here in 1949, but it hasn't seen a significant amount of traffic since then. The solitude, views, and unexplored terrain make this a great adventure climbing destination. As always, we recommend picking up a copy of Adirondack Rock or another reliable guidebook for the best in-depth beta on particular areas or climbs.