Pitchoff Pass

  • Old Mountain Rd

These 3.5 miles are the last 3.5 miles of the Jackrabbit Trail and one of the most scenic sections. From the trailhead you will ski on a nearly flat surface and cross a small beaver pond. Not far beyond is a decent sized hill that will need to be climbed. Once you crest the hill you will have a nice downhill with a couple small turns that will bring you down to another beaver marsh. That is the only big hill on the trail. With a couple small hills in front of you it’s a nice ski out to Rock and River Guide Service at the end of the trail at Alstead Hill Road. This is where you would want to spot a car if you have the option, if not feel free to turn around whenever you wish to ski back to the trailhead.  

Elevation Gain/Loss to Destination: 140 feet

Distance: 3.5 miles, end to end

Trailhead:  Leave Lake Placid on Route 73 heading toward Keene. Continue to Old Mountain Road on the left and follow it. Continue to its end at the trailhead.