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Peak Edge Performance is a world class company focusing on athletic training, specifically around competitive skating.  Staffed by Olympians, we know how to get in shape and stay in shape.  Our Pilates Studio is part of our 'integrated health' approach and includes curved slide boards, off-ice edge platforms, and more.  Our professionally led Pilates classes are not only for skaters.  They are perfect for anyone interested in improving their flexibility, core strength, and overall health.  Contact us for current mat class schedule or to set up a personal session.


More about Peak Edge Performance


Peak Edge Performance (PEP) has performed and taught worldwide for an international lientele.  Some of PEP’s clients have included Olympic and professional athletes, college and university teams, the Montreal Canadiens, Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas Spectacular, Feld Entertainment, non-profit corporations and television networks.

Integrated healthy training is an essential component for every person and PEP’s clients benefit from a fully equipped Pilates Studio, curved slide boards, the off-ice edge platform and other important techniques.

PEP has produced, directed and choreographed all sizes of entertainment productions and the inaugural World Figure Championship.  Everything from performance, athletic sport images for TV, print promotions, production services, motivational speaking, and management for projects is available.

PEP offers professional skate services including such specialties as: rockering for speed skates, custom blade and boot configuration which is critical for figure, speed and hockey success.

Skate with Olympians for private lessons and seminars can be scheduled for beginners to professionals, clubs and companies.  Reservations are required for lessons and consultations in all services and fields.

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