Mirror Lake - by pier or boat

  • 49 Parkside Drive, Lake Placid

Sitting in the middle of the village of Lake Placid, it would be easy to overlook Mirror Lake as just a scenic backdrop, but take the time to fish it and you’ll soon see that there’s more than meets the eye. Best known for its rainbow trout, Mirror Lake is small enough to get around easily, which is good because there are no motors allowed on the lake.

Getting there

You can get into the lake anywhere you can legally park, including at the state-owned boat ramp on nearby Lake Placid. Just walk across the road and fish!


Many anglers target the rainbows by trolling a Lake Clear Wabbler and worm combination. Don’t overlook the lake trout and the smallmouth population, or the landlocked salmon stocked by the state recently. Essex County will also be putting in 1,000 2-year-old rainbows this year. Special regulations include a 3-fish daily limit on lake trout of 15 inches or greater.