Adirondack Nutrition Consulting

  • 2779 Main street, Lake Placid

Adirondack Nutrition Consulting Services
by Sabine Weber, MS, RDN, CDN, CFSP
Integrative and Functional Nutrition Consultant

Visiting Lake Placid is a perfect time to pamper yourself, take advantage of the serene mountains and work on improving your overall health with a nutrition program personalized to your specific needs. Adirondack Nutrition Consulting is a private practice offering nutrition counseling services by a Professional Registered Dietitian Nutritionist / Certified Nutritionist. Sabine has been a practicing Nutrition for over 25 years. She has both her BS and MS in Nutrition, is trained in Functional Nutrition, Mind-Body Medicine, and is a Certified Food & Spirit PractitionerTM.

Specialty services include: Functional Nutrition Assessments and bringing balance back to the body through nutritional approaches, Mind-Body Medicine techniques to promote healing and optimal health, Counseling for disordered eating and changing relationships with body image and food and Sports Nutrition and Performance problems.