Adirondack Riverwalking & Forest Bathing

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Whether you are a first time visitor or a regular to the Adirondacks, we look forward to guiding you on unique outdoor experiences that can transform how you perceive and relate to nature, allowing you to feel yourself a part of the land, in an atmosphere that fosters community and wellbeing. We carefully create sensory adventures that ignite your sense of wonder and renew your childhood playfulness without the pressure of goals or objectives. Your wellbeing, and nature's, are at the heart of everything we do. 

Adirondack Riverwalking

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Picture it are wading through the scenic Ausable River on a warm summer day. Feel the ever present flow of the water, the contrast of its coolness with the air. Fluffy clouds are moving across a bright blue sky, the light playing on the water. Listen to the gurgling of the river and the birds calling out to each other. Your guide is there, every step of the way, helping you heighten your senses to all the sights, sounds, textures and scents around you. The river will do the rest...

Suited in waterproof waders and wading boots, discover all the life in and surrounding the river. From this unique perspective, immersed in the water, your guide will help you explore the river safely and build new memories that last a lifetime.

We are available to guide you every day of the week. Riverwalking is a three-hour experience. Your waders and wading boots are included in our fee. Driving directions as well as recommendations for what to wear and bring will be sent with your booking confirmation.

We recommend that you book early to ensure we are available on the day of your choice. No same day bookings please. 

Maximum group size is 10 people. Riverwalking is suitable for children 12 and up.

Adirondack Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing has been getting a lot of press in the last few years and it is gaining followers around the world. It is both a guided experience in nature, inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin -Yoku, which translates to bathing all your senses in the atmosphere of a forest. It is also a wellness practice with several decades of science to identify its health benefits. And there is no better place to experience it than away from home, here in the beauty of the Adirondacks, which according to National Geographic is one of the top 5 places worldwide for Forest Bathing.

Imagine yourself in a forest. Notice what's moving around you. Gently cup your ears forward with your hands, like deer ears, to amplify the forest sounds. A woodpecker? The breeze rustling in the leaves? Hone into each sound. Inhale the aromas of the forest, the scent of moist soil, of wildflowers. Explore through touch the variety of textures around you, moss, tree bark, plants...

Using your senses to engage with nature leads to an effortless sense of mindfulness and relaxation. We help you slow down, so you can notice so much more around you, so you can get up close to nature and rekindle your sense of wonder for the natural world around you. Think of Forest Bathing as having this loose framework that includes playful guided sensory activities with free time for exploration. Sharing a new experience with friends or family strengthens the bonds between people, and with nature.

Forest Bathing is accessible to everyone, including children and people with all levels of abilities. Nature's healing benefits are for everyone. We are very proud of our Accessible Forest Bathing experience, certified ADA compliant. We meet you where you are, choosing a trail that is suitable to you and your and your group, including wheelchair accessible terrain. We adapt the distance covered to the group's needs.

We are available to guide you every day of the week. Forest Bathing is a 2.5 hour experience. It can be customized - add a picnic lunch and a swim, or an informal workshop about how to take the practice home. This wellness practice can be done wherever there is a tree, a park or a garden, adding a new set of tools to your self-care tool box for more ongoing health benefits.

We recommend that you book early to ensure we are available on the day of your choice. 

Maximum group size is 14 people. Children 5 and up are welcome.

Recommendations for what to wear and bring will be sent with your booking confirmation, as well as your program location.

About Us

Adirondack Riverwalking & Forest Bathing was founded in 2017 by Helene Gibbens and Suzanne Weirich, both Certified Nature Therapy guides as well as licensed NY State Hiking Guides who feel passionate about strengthening the bonds between people and the natural world, by offering nature sensory experiences and programs.  

Attentive care has been given to making our experiences and programs environment-friendly. We are proud partners with the Ausable River Association  on a tree planting program to protect the aquatic life in the East Branch Ausable River. We support Leave No Trace nature ethics. We are proud members of the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy as well as the Children & Nature Network. We welcome our new Riverwalking guide, Chrissy Thomsen.