Wild Flow Mountain Bike Tours

  • Plattsburgh

The Adirondack Mountains have long been home to true outdoor enthusiasts. The people that come here live and breath the mountain life, grounding themselves among the natural beauty of the High Peaks. For a mountain biker, there’s no better setting than these very peaks, and Lake Placid is host to some of the best riding around. Wild Flow Tours embodies the spirit of these mountains by putting the trails and the unique stories behind them at the center of every tour.

Trail riding is as much of a meditative practice as it is a form of exercise. Nothing will get your adrenaline flowing and your mind clearing faster than a gauntlet of rocks, roots and trees leading you to a serine peak or pond in the Adirondacks. Carefully constructed to strike the unattainable balance between ripping fun and ecologically invisible, these mountains make for the ideal environment to hone your mountain biking skills. No trail can teach you all you need to know about riding a mountain bike, but every trail gives you the option to learn if you show up for class.

About Wild Flow Tours

We are a team of diehard mountain bikers. Some of us have been building and riding Adirondack trails for well over a decade. For us, riding is not about work, it's about fun.  

Custom Guided Mountain Bike Tours

Wild Flow Tours offers both half day and full day guided Mountain Bike adventures. Don't have a bike? No problem! We can make sure you're outfitted for your trip as well. No matter your ability, our guides can work with you to plan a day that will create lasting Adirondack memories.

Visit our website for pricing and info on our custom tours. 

Themed Mountain Bike Tours

Wild Flow Tours is currently working on a number of pre-planned tour events for summer 2021. Including a Lake Placid Tour as well as tours in nearby Wilmington, Saranac Lake, and Elizabethtown.

Visit our website for dates, pricing, and info on our themed tour events. 

Dedicated to Service and Preservation

Wild Flow Tours is proud to work closely with the Bark Eaters Trail Alliance (BETA). BETA is the local volunteer supported trails organization responsible for building, maintaining, and advocating for a great deal of the trail you will be riding. Wild Flow Tours is proud to donate 20% of your tour fee to BETA to support local trails.  

Let us show you all of the hidden gems Lake Placid and the surrounding areas have to offer for mountain biking!