Bobsled Rides at the Olympic Sports Complex

  • 220 Bobsled Run Road, Lake Placid

Lake Placid Bobsled Experience

There are few places on earth you can have an experience like this! Race down a real track used in world championship bobsled, luge, skeleton events traveling at speeds up to 50mph! After covering the basics, you hop in a sleigh with up to two other riders you've brought along, and are accompanied down Lake Placid's bobsled track by a professional brakeman and driver. From the push that starts your descent to racing around banked curves, you'll gain first-hand knowledge of how it feels to ride alongside professional athletes in one of the most exciting winter sports. During the winter season riders complete their run on a real bobsled; when it's too warm to keep ice on the track, your team will use a sled outfitted with wheels in place of the metal runners.

Lake Placid Skeleton Experience

Did you come without your usual bobsled team? If you're looking for more of a solo sliding activity, you can also try your hand at skeleton. Once you've been taught how to ride the skeleton, you'll soar down the track head first at 30mph on what is bound to be the highlight of your Adirondack vacation. Bobsled and Skeleton aren't the only things to do at the Olympic Sports Complex so be sure to leave time after your run down the track to make some extra memories.

What to know

Reservations are highly recommended as this is a popular attraction with limited availability each day. Click here for information regarding the hours of operation, ride requirements such as weight and height limitations, ticket purchases, and other attractions including the longest mountain coaster in North America


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