Upper Cascade Lake

The Cascade Lakes are hard to miss, as Route 73, between Keene and Lake Placid, runs right by them. But all anglers should notice these twin lakes; regarded as two of the best brook trout waters around. The mountains on the far side of both lakes continue under the water’s surface, so that the lower lake is 40 feet at its deepest, far south, end, and the upper is 60 feet in its middle.

As summer heats up the water, there will be brookies and brown trout, and in Upper Cascade, lake trout. The shallows offer pumpkinseeds and sunfish in both lakes, with yellow perch in Lower Cascade.

Between the lakes is a boat launch providing access to both.

Size: 26.4 acres. Hand launch on Route 73, 6 miles northwest of the hamlet of Keene. Parking for 15 cars.

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