Chubb River

The Chubb River, like many of the smaller streams in the Lake Placid region, can fly under the radar in plain sight. Winding its way through Lake Placid, widening in several spots, anglers have a chance at not only trout, but bass in the more pond-like areas. Beginning south of town, high in the peaks, you're likely to first encounter it at the Averyville Road Bridge near the Northville-Placid trailhead.

You'll find brook trout here in the upper reaches. Below the bridge, it widens into Upper Mill Pond, which holds trout and bass. You can follow the Chubb as it winds through town to where it meets the Ausable River off River Road. The state stocks yearling brook and brown trout in the Chubb, while Essex County contributes another 400 brookies.

Access at Averyville Road bridge.