1 - 2 Hour Hikes

Hiking is our MOST POPULAR Adirondack activity. Accessible year-round, with hundreds of trails offering up options for all ages and abilities, our short Adirondack hikes are a great way for everybody to get out and enjoy this favorite pastime. 

Short, sweet, and with a view!

These short Adirondack hikes offer up a great outdoor experience complete with beautiful views. Discover a range of options for all abilities: from steep, mountain climbs to flat, meandering trails, many offer panoramic views - check out the top of Cobble, and you'll be amazed that you're still right in the Village of Lake Placid! There are a variety of walking and easy Adirondack hiking options for you and your family to enjoy throughout the Lake Placid Region - find your favorite and make some great family memories! 

So get out there and stretch your legs, get in touch with nature, explore something new and go home saying you hiked in the Adirondack Park - the nation’s largest park!

If you're looking for hikes and mountains that are a little more challenging, check out some 2 to 4 hour hikes that the Adirondacks are known for.