This Week: Adirondacks - trick or treat?

It's that spooky time of year again - when kids and adults prepare their trick-or-treating and party disguises to celebrate Halloween.

However you spend the holiday, my advice is to watch how much candy you consume, don reflective outerwear to be safe, and I would be remiss if I didn't post Lake Placid-specific, and somewhat unique Halloween rule:

Don't feed our crocodile.

That's right; captured in the picture below is our elusive Lake Placid crocodile. During this spooky season, visitors are tempted to bring treats like cows and the like to the water's edge to entice our resident reptile out of the deep.

It's simply not allowed. We're sorry for the inconvenience, but no crocodile feeding permits will be issued until further notice. 


Some folks like to get into the spirit of the season by watching the classic horror flicks of yesteryear; classics haunted by the likes of Freddy Kruger and Jason of the holiday's namesake, the Halloween series.

Some like to watch newer entries into the genre, including OUR destination's namesake, the Lake Placid trilogy.

A year ago, I wrote a blog about Lake Placid's crocodile - well, a review of the movies about him. (You can read it now if you like.)

The truth is, crocodiles can't live in this climate. In fact, this holiday in Lake Placid offers quite a wonderful small-town show - the entire school, class by class, marches down our quaint Main Street to showcase their costumes, then commence trick-or-treating at all of the shops on their way back.

Wishing all a wonderful end of October! 


Kimberly Rielly is the director of communications for the Lake Placid CVB/Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism. She is admittedly afraid of reptiles.



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