Mt. Van Hoevenberg

Mount Van Hoevenberg is also home of the Olympic bobsled and luge run, but on the opposite side of the hiking trail. It is again possible to approach the summit from the top of the run (entry fee required) or via a trail starting at the cross-country ski center; but these routes are much easier to find on the descent if you choose to leave a car at the base of the run. The following trail is the preferred route and much more scenic.

Primary Trailhead: From the intersection of Route 86 and Route 73 in Lake Placid, follow Route 73 toward Keene. Continue for 4-miles to the Adirondack Loj Road on the right. Follow here for another four miles to Meadow Lane on the left. Follow here for 0.25 miles to the trailhead on the left.

From the trailhead start a hike along what looks to be an old road, now overgrown to the width of a foot trail. This will slowly descend to a beaver swamp. The trail used to continue straight, where what is now under water. The trail has been rerouted to the left. The reroute follows the side of the marsh and eventually crosses at the bottom of it on a wet course. After a couple small brook crossings the trail continues straight through it for about 300 feet. Once out of the muddy area the trail becomes very pleasant and soon begins to climb moderately. After swinging right and then through an attractive draw between rocky areas you will make the final approach to the summit.

The first view you come to is not the summit, just beyond is the true summit and the best view. You will be atop a rocky ledge with the High Peaks Region right in front of you. This is one of the best views in the area and you would think it would be one of the busiest destinations, but it is usually not busy at all.

4.4 miles RT, Moderate Climb, Elevation 2940’


Family with Young Kids: Primary trail – 1.5 hours to summit

Experienced Hiker: Primary trail – 1.0 hours to summit

Out of Shape Hiker: Primary trail – 1.5 hours to summit

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