Rocky Peak Ridge

Rocky Peak Ridge is the 20th highest peak in the Adirondacks at 4,420 feet in elevation. It offers outstanding views from its summit, and is usually less-crowded than neighboring Giant.

The shortest route to the summit goes nearly to the summit of Giant before descending and then climbing to Rocky Peak Ridge. Using the Ridge Trail, it is 4.1 miles to the summit from Chapel Pond.

The most scenic route - a hike that some consider the finest in the mountains - starts from Rt. 9 south of New Russia. It is 6.7 miles to the summit with 4,700' of elevation gain due to several descents on the climb. With two cars, one can make a wonderful traverse of 11 miles by continuing on to Giant Mt. (add another 600' of elevation gain) and descending the ridge Trail. See Giant Mountain for instructions for approach via the Chapel Pond area, and see Bald Peak for Route 9 approach.

Families with young children: Not recommended

Experienced hiker: Via Giant: 3 hrs to summit; From Route 9: 5 hours to summit; Traverse: 8-9 hours

Out of Shape Hiker: Not recommended

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