Adirondack Nutrition Consulting

Adirondack Nutrition Consulting
"Find Your Personal Path to Wellness One Step at a Time"
Services by Sabine Weber, MS, RDN, CDN
Integrative Nutrition Consultant
Specializing in Functional Nutrition, Sports Performance, Disordered Eating & Professional Quality Supplements

Adirondack Nutrition Consulting is a private practice offering nutrition counseling services by a Professional Registered Dietitian Nutritionist / Certified Nutritionist. Sabine Weber, MS, RDN, CDN has over 20 years' experience and holds both her Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Human Nutrition.

Visiting Lake Placid is a perfect time to pamper yourself, take advantage of the serene mountains and work on improving your overall health with a nutrition program personalized to your specific needs. Sabine has the experience, knowledge, and passion to help meet your nutrition goals. Training for endurance events? Performance can be significantly improved with the right nutrition plan. Sabine has worked with many endurance athletes, ironmen and women, and Olympic athletes to help them excel in their sport. Or maybe you are in search of a nutritional makeover or want to change your diet to help improve your health? Sabine's unique style helps you put the pieces together to create a plan to meet your health and wellness needs and goals. Make an appointment for a body composition analysis, which can look deep into your body's current health, so you can talk with Sabine about how to be healthier, excel in your sport, boost your metabolism and achieve your nutritional goals! You will leave feeling confident you can improve your performance and health with a plan from Sabine! Walk away with a personalized plan, menus, recipes and a smile!

When you stop into see Sabine, look over her extensive supply of high quality supplements and specialty products for overall wellness, all at reduced prices in the "Wellness Corner".

Specialty services include:

Functional Nutrition Assessments
Sports Nutrition for athletes and teams
Counseling for eating disorders, disordered eating, and changing relationships with body image and food
Nutrition Programs to promote optimal health for disease prevention and control with menu and recipe analysis, body composition analysis, supplement makeovers