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Cardio? Cardio…I don’t do that. Well at least I didn’t think I did. Growing up I had no idea how much running I did between soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball, and tennis. I personally thought track and cross country seemed pointless; why in the world would you run with nothing to chase? Little did I know I ran an average of 6 miles per soccer game, and that didn’t include every practice that was followed by practice for another sport. I became obsessed with trying to constantly improve and be the best at every sport I was introduced to. Then came high school,... continue reading
Shoka’s day out was a huge hit in Lake Placid. This little husky stole the spotlight wherever she went. She is a 4-and-a-half-month old with an abundance of energy who recently traveled to experience Lake Placid and all it has to offer the four-legged world. To her owners' delight, Shoka encountered more adventure than expected due to the dog-friendly atmosphere of the region.  First Stop: Lake Placid  Shoka packed the essentials and was ready for anything. She may have even had a few extra bones packed because, after all, it is a vacation. She hit the road... continue reading
Mountain Living The days are shorter and the temperatures are dropping below freezing. Alas, winter is upon us and the outdoor activities may seem minimal to those folks not sure how to embrace the chill. The truth is the seasons don’t stop the cycle of life and the mountains are still waiting. No worries if you're not a skier or skater, there are plenty of ways to get out and enjoy the Adirondacks. The fact of the matter is winter hiking is a whole new experience compared to hiking during any other season. This is an experience I highly recommend trying. I feel as though you may... continue reading

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