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There it was. An opening in my work schedule. The weather said snow for the two days prior. The kids are in school and my wife would be at work. That means it’s time to head to Whiteface! So the texts go out to the usual suspects, but when the replies come back it’s all: “Gotta work” and “Can’t make it.” I realize that something amazing is about to happen. A day at Whiteface all by myself. Now, “all by myself” is a relative term because Whiteface is a popular ski destination with a wide range of people. So there are technically other people at the mountain.... continue reading
So your kid plays hockey? Congratulations! And...my condolences. Regardless of how you feel about hockey, it's no secret that it's a big commitment for the whole family. Between multiple practices during the week to multiple games on the weekend — plus the dreaded multi-day tournament — you may start to feel like you live at the rink. You're not alone! Here are my tips for surviving — and maybe even enjoying — hockey. Tip #1: Relax. Like the sign says, it's just youth hockey, so relax. Your kids don't play in the NHL. The coaches and... continue reading
When you think of Lake Placid, or even the Adirondacks, you might not immediately think of diversity. In fact, our demographics are downright monochromatic. Despite this, our village is welcoming to all races. But it wasn't always that way. The change in perception can be traced back to one man. The Backstory In the 1950s, Lake Placid was similar to many small American towns. Blacks and whites lived separately, and discrimination was the norm. But something changed the attitudes of the locals. Many can remember being told by their parents not to associate with those of... continue reading

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