Trails & Biking in Lake Placid

Biking in Lake Placid

Whether it's on the road or on singletrack trails, biking in Lake Placid is a unique experience. Home to New York's highest peaks, the Lake Placid region offers riders unrivaled mountain views and a wide variety of terrain to explore.

Biking in Lake Placid offers something for everyone. The opportunities for cycling in the region are as varied as the sport itself. There are plenty of rolling, quiet, paved roads to explore, singletrack trails to challenge yourself, and just about every type of cycling experience in between. Riders can test themselves on the official Ironman Lake Placid bike course, or head out for a leisurely mountain bike ride on the Brewster Peninsula Trails.  

Biking is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the area. During the spring, summer and fall, recreational riders and athletes from around the world descend on the region to experience all that it has to offer.  

Road bike routes & loops

Ride any of Lake Placid's cycling loops & tours for unique Adirondack scenery and different cycling experiences. There are rides available ranging from 1 hour to 5 hours.  Some can even be combined to make an all-day ride epic. Make sure to take advantage of cycling experiences unique to this area like screaming down to the town of Keene through Cascade Pass, or the incredible panoramic views close to town on Bear Cub Rd.

Mountain bike trails

Lake Placid is home to an extensive singletrack trail network developed through a collaborative effort between local landowners and a hard working, mountain bike advocacy group called the "Barkeater Trails Alliance." Singletrack riding is available for many levels and abilities and is so close to town you may not even have to get in your car. The mountain biking culture in Lake Placid and the surrounding area is growing exponentially each year. Make the trip to see it for yourself.  

The newest trails being developed represent modern trends in the sport of mountain biking. The Lake Placid Club and Resort Property's mountain bike trails, also known as the “Lussi Trails,” will be updated in 2014. Better drainage will be installed and work to improve the “flow” will be taking place all summer long. The trails surrounding the Town of North Elba's Craig Wood Golf Course are smooth, fast, and flowing. The two networks are easily connected by the "Jackrabbit Trail" for all-day riding. Stop into one of Lake Placid's great bike shops for a map and the most current trail information to guide you through all of the twists and turns the trails have to offer.

Other Adirondack Biking

Looking for even more riding? Head to the nearby Whiteface Region - the "Biking Capital of the Adirondacks." Found just on the other side of the Wilmington Notch, the Whiteface Region has top-notch mountain bike terrain and cycling routes. The favorite, Franklin Falls Road Loop will show you all of the beauty this area has to offer. The Whiteface Region plays host to the popular Wilmington Bike Festival each year, which includes the 3,500 foot Uphill Road Race to the top of Whiteface Mountain as well as the grueling Wilmington/Whiteface 100K Mountain bike race.  

Prepare for adventure

Whatever Adirondack cycling adventure you choose to embark on, remember to observe the rules of the road — and the woods. If you need riding gear or just want some invaluable local knowledge, consult one of the many Lake Placid bike shops or guide services — they can outfit you with equipment, routes, trail maps and instruction for individuals and groups.

Book your Lake Placid cycling trip today! Choose from Lake Placid's variety of lodging options and start inventing your perfect day.