Lake Placid, adirondacks usa -- The 2016 edition of IRONMAN Lake Placid received high marks as a race host town, based on a survey of IRONMAN competitors from around the world.

IRONMAN officials recently announced Lake Placid took the top honor of best overall bike in the IRONMAN Athletes Choice Awards. Other accolades include 5th in overall satisfaction, 6th in best overall run, 3rd in best race venue experience, 8th in best host city experience, and 4th in will recommend to a friend.

Scores were based on athlete surveys from all the 2016 races—40 IRONMAN and 96 IRONMAN 70.3 events.

Event organizers had 55,000 athletes respond to their survey. The five-point satisfaction scale encompassed questions including overall satisfaction, best venue, city experience, post-race celebration and more.

"These survey results underscore the quality of the Adirondack landscape for cycling, running and other outdoor pursuits for both leisure travelers and world class athletes," said James McKenna, CEO of the Lake Placid-based Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism. “The success of IRONMAN Lake Placid continues to build on our brand as a year-round global sports and resort destination.” 

Lake Placid is now the longest-running IRONMAN triathlon in the continental United States, with the first iteration in 1999. The July race draws an estimated 10,000 people to the region, including athletes, support staff, spectators and volunteers. Continuing on the tradition of hosting world-class events, Lake Placid was selected as an IRONMAN 70.3 site as well, with the inaugural event slated for September 10, 2017. The 2017 edition of IRONMAN Lake Placid will take place on July 23.

The following is a sampling of athlete testimonials regarding Lake Placid:

”Whether you are a professional, elite, or newbie, everyone is made to feel valued and feel like they are important at this event. It's hard to explain to someone just what you go through during an IRONMAN, and it's great to revel in one's success at a course like this with its amazing community and volunteers. The town really gets behind this event and that is so unique."

"Lake Placid is such an amazing area of natural beauty with a neat Olympic legacy. The people and volunteers are amazing.”

For more information about Lake Placid, adirondacks, usa, visit lakeplacid.com.