Adirondack History: Elizabethtown in the Mountains

Many Summer Visitors Arrive at the Popular
Adirondack Resort—Prosperous
Season for the Hotels—Outlook
for Golf and Baseball

Elizabethtown, July 13, 1907—While every summer resort in the mountains suffered in the early season on account of the unseasonable weather they are now rapidly recovering from the setback, and each train for the Adirondacks is loaded to its capacity with guests, many of whom will remain not only for the remainder of the summer but for the early fall as well. This is particularly true of Elizabethtown, where the hotels, cottages and bungalows are rapidly filling up and in a few days will be tested to their full quota. Elizabethtown is one of the most picturesque and attractive as it is one of the oldest and most favored of the Adirondack Mountain resorts. It is most advantageously located near the foot of Hurricane Mountain and claims a grand and beautiful panorama of the lofty ranges and peaks of the Adirondacks, and of a peaceful, pastoral country, belted by forests and interlaced with silvery trout streams. The Boquet River, running through the village, is a lovely stream on which to trail a fly, paddle a canoe, float and wander in idleness. Therefore, is it any wonder that Elizabethtown is popular and that its guests leave in the fall only to return again the following summer?



Golf is the greatest attraction, and the local course is admitted by many experts to be the best in the mountains. Overlooked by Cobble Hill and surrounded by beautiful scenery the links are most attractive. Cobble Hill is a mountain peak with a great cobblestone at its very top, and in its honor the golf course is named the Cobble Hill golf course. The club was organized during the season of 1896. The links belonging to the club, under the personal supervision of D. E. Miner, a professional golfer, are but five minutes walk from the hotels, being open to all those who wish to play. Membership in the club can be obtained on payment of a small fee, and all guests of the hotels are cordially invited to become members, as they will thereby enjoy all the privileges of the club. Numerous tournaments and match games will be played during the season between members of tho club and clubs from out of town. But Golf is not the only game as the town boasts a fine baseball field that is almost always occupied and the local tennis courts are as excellent as experts can make them. Then again, the Adirondack fishing is fine, and for those who wish to walk or mountain climb there is no more attractive place.

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