Jay Mountain

  • Jay Mountain Road


At the intersection of Jay Mountain Road and Upland Meadows Road, which is reached from Route 9N in Upper Jay by taking Trumbulls Road for 2.5 miles, where it becomes Jay Mountain Road, which is followed another 0.8 mile to Upland Meadows Road.

Route Overview

The DEC cut a new trail up this mountain and replaced the herd path that once existed, making it much easier for people without navigation skills to find the trail. The climb to the ridge is a steady one and you will get most of the elevation out of the way in that initial 2.5 miles.

At 2.5 miles you will have reached the open ridgeline, where there are plenty of outstanding views. The ridge is a walk on high. The open, rocky ridge will continuously open up views as you pass over the three summits of Jay Mountain.

If 8 miles is too much, the ridge offers plenty of options to turn around and still get a bang out of your day.

Elevation Gain

2,200 feet


3,600 feet

Round Trip Distance

8 mile