Lily and the Rose prides itself on an environmentally respectful and sustainable approach to catering. 

The Lily and the Rose has evolved over the years into a full-service farm to table, gourmet catering company which is now available for Lake Placid weddings and events!

We work with a wonderful team of professionals who love to work together and enjoy the experience of creating a memory that will live with you and your guest forever.

The Lily and the Rose promote a lifestyle of quality, taste and the desire to experience the ultimate in fine food and fun. 

We specialize in organic, seasonal farm to fork, regionally sourced food. Our boutique wine list, craft beer, and spirits in conjunction with the use of local and regional food keep us on the forefront of the farm to table movement!

Recycling is a matter of course. We compost, recycle our oil and have two pet pigs that are friends and eat much of our vegetarian waste. Our team excels in the vegetarian, vegan, Kosher and gluten-free arena. 

So welcome and we so look forward to serving you and yours!