Kim Klopstock and The Lily and The Rose have been committed to sustainability, and the farm to table movement for over thirty years personally and twenty years professionally. Her team is composed of a wide variety of  talented, forward thinking, creative, community-minded chefs, farmers, clients and producers. Kim and her team love to travel, and can provide a full service experience that is unique, distinctive and tailored to you, your location, vision and food sensibilities. 

Using predominantly organic, local and seasonal food, Kim also champions local brewers and distillers to encourage the creative and entrepreneurial spirit. Kim and her team love and respect the call to a more plant based, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or kosher lifestyles.   

Zero waste is always the goal, so recycling is a matter of course. We compost, recycle our oil, raise bees, and feed our non-meat refuse to the heritage pigs that, in turn, sustain us. This is all done with the utmost amount of love and respect. Thank you for considering the possibility of us working together to create a memorable and delicious experience for us all.  We look forward to serving you and yours!