Restrictions Support State’s Efforts to Promote Sustainable Tourism and Address Public Safety

           The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today announced that parking will be prohibited on additional sections of State Route 73 in the town of Keene, Essex County. The parking prohibition supports DEC's multi-year, comprehensive effort to promote sustainable tourism and address public safety in the Adirondacks.

           Combined with parking prohibitions enacted in 2018, parking will be prohibited on a four-mile stretch on the shoulders of both lanes of Route 73 between Chapel Pond and Rooster Comb Trailhead Parking Area. Parking will continue to be allowed in designated pull-offs at trailheads and other locations. DEC closed the additional parking for public safety reasons, primarily because pedestrians, mainly hikers, and bicyclists were forced to walk or ride in vehicle lanes when parked vehicles occupied the shoulder of the road.

New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) crews have begun installing "No Parking" signs along the additional sections of the road. Crews are expected to complete installing the signs by June 14, at which time law enforcement agencies will begin enforcing the prohibition. DEC Forest Rangers and Environmental Conservation Police Officers, State Police, and Essex County Sheriff’s Office Deputies will increase patrols in the area and enforce the parking prohibition.

           Hikers and other motorists should be aware that the town of Keene is also prohibiting roadside parking on the following roads and streets:


·                Au Sable Road;

·                St Huberts Road;

·                Market Street;

·                Adirondack Street; and

·                Mason Young Lane in Keene Valley.

           DEC encourages hikers to discover and visit the other numerous hiking opportunities in the area or visit on weekdays when there is less demand. The DEC web page, Hikes Outside the Adirondack High Peaks lists a dozen nearby hikes that provide a hiking experience similar to a High Peaks hike, including great scenic views, but with fewer people. The web page includes links to trail maps in English and French for each of the hikes.

           DEC continues to work with State agencies, municipalities, landowners, recreation and environmental organizations, and others to identify and develop additional means to manage the Adirondack Forest Preserve in a sustainable manner.