Thank You

On behalf of the STC planning Committee, I want to thank all of you (Mary Jane, Ashley, Jackie) for the support and services you provided for us during our conference experience. We are truly grateful and appreciative of how you have made our conference process such a collaborative team effort these past 3 years. When I need or sometimes ask for what I might consider an unusual and substantial request, I never hear "I don't know" or "no we probably can't accommodate that." What I do hear are comments like, "sure we can do that" or "not a problem, we will take care of that for you." What we have seen is an efficient and effective team that with a "can do" attitude. You always take the time to ask us what we want, what our goals and expectations are, never looking at the amount of work we are about to thrust upon your shoulders. We have also observed how detail oriented you all are and especially how positive, caring and friendly you are. The team we have all formed over these past few years is pretty special, we not only consider you all as partners and members of our team, but as friends and colleagues. Something you don't always see when groups of individuals work together as we do.

Dan Sidebottom
Director of Administrative Computing Services
Suny Technology Conference

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