Get ready to ski the Face this spring!

Whiteface Mountain. Chances are you’ve heard it’s name but have you skied or ridden the famous trails that call this mountain home? With some of the highest trails in the East, Whiteface's corn harvest lasts into April. Spend the day learning on the beginner slopes of Bear Den or hit the summit for thrilling black diamond runs. Either way, you’re sure to have a gold medal experience!

Make the best of this spring

There are many new procedures this year at Whiteface Mountain. Please visit to stay up-to-date with all the details. There will be strict health and safety protocols under state-issued guidance to ensure the safest experience for all skiers and riders. Some procedures may be different than prior years, but it’s still the same mountain!

Mid-week bliss

Some of the best skiing and riding is to be had mid-week! Find hidden powder stashes and enjoy the killer views, without the crowds. What more could you ask for? Ski fast, avoid the lines, and soak up every second. Unfortunately winter doesn’t last forever, so you better get it while the getting’s good!

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Olympic-sized history

Picture it: Whiteface Mountain, 10,000 years ago. The entire mountain and the rest of this region were buried under a glacier during the last Ice Age. This geologic event carved the mountain we know today. Fast forward thousands of years. Construction of the popular Veterans’ Memorial Highway began in 1929 and, in summer, allowed motorists to drive up the fifth highest peak in New York. The Whiteface Mountain Ski Center opened on January 25, 1958 and since then, skiers and riders have been cruising down the mountain’s great slopes. In 1980, Whiteface Mountain hosted six alpine events when the Olympic Winter Games were in Lake Placid. Yes, the landscape looks a little different today, as the glaciers have receded and the mountain is more developed. But the legacy of Whiteface Mountain has been 10,000 years in the making.

Since the 1980 Olympic Winter Games, Whiteface Mountain has hosted the U.S. Alpine Skiing Championships and is a U.S. Olympic Training Site. The athletic legacy continues on today. And visitors and locals alike can follow in the tracks of world-famous alpine athletes.

Bucket list worthy

There are countless reasons why Whiteface Mountain should be on your bucket list. Ski in the tracks of Olympians. Ride a single run that can take 20 minutes to complete. Take a lesson from world-class instructors. Experience the greatest vertical east of the Rockies. Treat yourself to a classic après scene. We’re positive Whiteface will make its way to the top of your list!

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The numbers don’t lie

By now you’ve heard the news: Whiteface has the greatest vertical drop in the East. With over 300 skiable acres and 22 miles of trails, there is no shortage of terrain. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg with the cool numbers. Thirty-eight percent of the mountain is “expert,” while 20% is “beginner.” There is 99% snowmaking coverage (excluding glades and the Slides). Even natural snow amounts are impressive: the ten year average annual snowfall is close to 200 inches. That’s a lot of snow! Clocking in at 2.1 miles, the Wilmington Trail is the longest run on the mountain. But that’s just one of the 90 trails. You won’t have any problems finding new trails to venture down. Ready to ski or ride? 3, 2, 1 … go!

Must-do activities

Sometimes you (or maybe your family) need a break. After a day on the slopes, Lake Placid is the perfect spot to slow down and relax, to pamper yourself and enjoy the fresh air of a small mountain town. We've put together some of our favorite activities and local destinations ideal for a getaway full of enjoyment and a nice, easy pace.

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