RockE House and Basecamp

  • 37 Wrights Way
    Lake Placid


Round Lake Campus offers programs at the Eileen Rockefeller House (RockE House) in Lake Placid, NY, sharing a campus with North Country School and Camp Treetops. Programs also venture into the Adirondacks and around the world on expeditions. Programs at RockE House include design and build, outdoor adventure, and language exchange programs. Participants are encouraged to express themselves through art, gain cultural competence, explore technology to do good, and become inspired and mentored by nature.

RockE programs offer experiences in the Adirondack wilderness that are appropriate for children and young adults. Participants deepen their understanding of and relationships with the people, plants, and animals that support our agriculture, and the wild inhabitants that shape our natural ecosystems.

2019 Arts & Design Courses

Our summer on-campus programs will occur over the last two weeks of June at the Eileen Rockefeller House. These programs immerse students in the creative arts and design with free time every day to swim, hike, and explore the beautiful Adirondack wilderness. Spend a whole week delving deeper into an activity you already love, then stick around for a second week to learn something new. ​

Robotics in Place: Join us for a week of robotics, engineering and design challenges, rooted in and around life on our mountain farm. Participants will learn and practice skills in programming using Lego Mindstorm EV3 robots and the Lego Mindstorm programming platform. (Ages 9 - 14).

Week of Wool & Weaving: Participants will learn needle felting, knitting, and wool dyeing using wool from our own sheep. Participants will spend relaxing afternoons alongside Round Lake, playing with color and patterns as they learn to weave on an Inkle loom. (Ages 12 - 17).​

Landscape Painting: Each day will include exposure to a new medium, allowing participants to gain familiarity and comfort with a broad range of skills while adding diversity to their artistic portfolio. Participants will get to try their hands at watercolor, oil, and acrylic painting in a variety of unique outdoor settings. (Ages 13 - 17).​

From Farm to Table: Participants will spend time on the campus farm, caring for our animals and learning how to weed and harvest in the garden beds. Farm work will be balanced by time in the kitchen, where participants will prepare a range of delicious and healthy meals, snacks and desserts using ingredients fresh from the farm. (Ages 13 - 17).

Orienteering & Survival Skills: Spend a week exploring the woods and learning basic survival and navigation skills through a range of fun, hands-on activities. Participants will learn how to read a map and compass, then use their new skills to follow scavenger hunt clues around our Lake Placid campus. (Ages 8 - 11).

Horseback Riding: Build confidence on the back of a horse. In addition to twice-daily riding sessions, participants will learn how to care for our campus horses by helping with feeding, grooming, and mucking stalls. (Ages 8 – 11). ​

Youth Expeditions

For those who are eager to challenge themselves through new physical pursuits, our weeklong youth expeditions will be offered through July and into August. These programs are off campus, allowing students to experience extended time advancing backcountry skills in the company of a great crew. Students can stay for one, two, or all three weeks, with the exception of the Sierras Wander program, which runs for two weeks. ​​​

Summer Rocks: Participants can join us for either one or two weeks to learn the basics of climbing and belaying, or to expand their existing skill set to include anchor building and multi-pitch climbing! Rest days spent swimming in rivers and exploring local culture. (Ages 12 - 17).

High Peaks Backpacking: Participants can work towards their “46er” titles by joining a group of peers on week-long backpacking trips in the High Peaks Wilderness of Adirondack Park. Each week the group will explore a new circuit of Adirondack peaks, ridgelines, and lakes. (Ages 12 - 17).

Canoeing & Kayaking: In this introductory canoeing and kayaking course, participants will learn how to safely maneuver their craft along a variety of lakes, ponds, and gentle-flowing rivers. Camp together in remote backcountry sites. When they’re not paddling, participants will enjoy time swimming, hiking, and exploring islands and inlets. (Ages 12 - 17).

Sierra Nevadas Wander: Based in the Lake Tahoe region of the California Sierras, explore countless mountains, lakes, streams, and trails via multiple modes. The trip will include rock climbing, a white water rafting adventure, several day hikes, swimming, and a three-day backpacking trip through the alpine lakes of Desolation Wilderness. (Ages 14 - 17).