Writing an Art Inspired Gratitude Poem with JC Wayne

  • $22

Wednesday, January 13, 5:00 - 7:00pm EST

As we start the new year in self-reflection, get in touch with what you are thankful for by writing an art-inspired gratitude poem with poet, JC Wayne. Sparked by the painting "Avalon" by Gallery 46 artist Georgeanne Gaffney as our muse, we will explore examples of gratitude poems, do quick warm-up writing prompts/tuning in exercises to listen with different parts of ourselves to create with gratitude as well as receive it, discover the special relationship between gratitude and forgiveness, and write a poem that expresses your uniquely thankful voice through the inspiration of art. And a special bonus: Our muse artist, Georgeanne, will be at the workshop to share her inspiration and process in creating "Avalon" and to answer your questions!

Workshop materials:
A notebook, art pad, journal, paper or electronic device
A writing tool

Any materials of your choice for additional embellishments/creative approaches to poetry-making, such as magazines and scissors for collaging, paint, colored pencils, construction paper, etc.

Click here to download and/or print the reference image for class!