What is the Secret to Health? with Deanna Courtney

  • $22

What is The Secret to Health?

What if there was new information that shows that your body is never a victim of anything. What if all your symptoms and behaviors were actually purposeful and helpful in your adapting to challenges in life. What if when applying these laws and truths you can understand your health better and live a more Soul-filled fun Adventure called Life? 

Deanna Courtney, from Up Your Vibe.Us will lead us in interactive discussions that will help us answer some critical questions. What makes us emotionally and physically ‘sick’,  what is the secret to gaining health?  What is the Secret, to aging gracefully? Join us for a couple hours of fun with the hope of gaining some more confidence in your body and path.

Please call 518-523-8983 to register ahead of time, limited spaces, $22 per person.

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