Pat Duffy Live at Delta Blue

Pat has performed throughout NewYork state growing from a local artist to a true regional New York state class act. Performing mainly solo  Pat has forged his own style based on all forms of American music that have entertained crowds from Buffalo to New York City and all points North. Brandishing his self-built “ the Flower “ guitar he performs his rhythmic style with a silky voice for all who will listen. Experienced at all kinds gigs and functions you never know where he will be. Pat’s influences descend from his father’s bold and operatic style and Mom’s subtle but strong voice that carried him to sleep as a child. “Dad was true performer and Mom had the best voice I have ever heard “ Pat reminisced. Both held Blue Collar positions for going professional music but instilled the love and direction which Pat has followed his entire life. Blue Collar himself Pat worked and still plays his profession as a woodworker in conjunction with his musical career. Guitar building once a hobby is now part of his life as he has invented his own type of acoustic/electric guitars called the “Gumdrop”.

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