Monday Morning Class - with an Olympic Spirit

  • $20

Start Your Week Strong with an Olympic Spirit Workout

Start your week strong with a Monday morning workout session from 7:30 - 8:30. The workouts are a nice mix of mobility, neurological training, strength, cardio and flexibility. The sessions are held by a four-time Olympic medal winner. However, you don´t need to be an Olympic athlete to join and all abilities are welcome!  We are going to have fun, activate the whole body,  and leave satisfied and ready for the week to come.

Please bring your own mat. We´ll also keep a safe distance and will I provide bands and other tools, which will not be shared during the session. The outdoor workout will take place regardless of the weather; sun, rain or snow, we will be covered! We are going through the second winter with this class and having fun at any temerature.

If you have questions, or if you want to know if this is the right thing for you, please send me an e-mail to: to get your answer.

All of us want to be fit and stay healthy. Moving our bodies is an important peace of the puzzle for health and well being.