Update from the North Elba Town Supervisor

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September 7, 2020

Dear Citizens of North Elba,


Wow! Labor Day Weekend is here and almost gone. What a beautiful & busy summer we have had the good fortune to experience in the Lake Placid area in spite of a nation with troubled cities and a global pandemic. Main Street has been as busy as I have ever seen it with lines at restaurants and in particular at locations selling – ICE CREAM!

It seems like only yesterday we were trying to determine if, when and how we would be able to open the Municipal Beach and area golf courses including the Town of North Elba - Craig Wood Golf Course. Hopefully, at least another good month of golf season will prevail, but sadly the Lake Placid Village Beach closes today. Congrats to the Life Guard staff once again for a job well done under unusual circumstances.

Of course, local businesses were busy doing the same. I applaud the creativity and desire of all of you who worked so hard to follow the Governmental Directives and found ways to safely succeed as best you could. 


As temperatures cool down new issues will begin to surface such as the fading desires of customers to dine on outside decks and lawns which has been a big boost this summer for many restaurants in terms of increased table space. Hopefully, indoor capacity will be thoroughly reevaluated in order to safely increase the 50% allowed now.


At long last SCHOOLS REOPEN tomorrow under many well thought out safety plans. From 7:00am to 7:30am

Cummins Road will be a one-way street with traffic entering from WesValley Road. A controlled drop off area will be at the back entrance across from the Olympic Center. Staff will be present to assist the entry process, and of course, the LPPD will be looking out for every ones’ safety as they always do. It sure will be a welcome sight to see School Buses back on the roads – even if trapped behind one!

Thanks to all of you who are making this happen.


Although I have brought this subject up countless times this past summer – For the last time - If you have not completed the Census Survey, time is about to run out. Essex County is lagging in our response to the 2020 Census. In 2010 Essex County had a 51.5% response rate. As of July 21st, it stood at 38% and is still lagging behind. Federal Funding for vital programs, Federal Representation for our States Congressional Representatives, Local Government efficiency and Federal Grant opportunities all rely on population data and socioeconomic data that is collected through the Census and accuracy is crucial.

The Census affects all of us, regardless of age, race, culture, and ethnicity. Completing the CENSUS is PRIVATE, SAFE, EASY and EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

Respond to the Census by:

  • Web: 2020census.gov
  • Phone: 844-330-2020


A word of thanks must be given to Dimitri Feld and other volunteers and sponsors who spent the last three evenings putting on Drive in Movies (double features no less) as a fund raiser for the Shipman Youth Center.  

As you may recall each year Dimitri has been the main force behind the Barbecue Festival, which has been held on the Lake Placid High School Campus in early July. Due to Covid -19 the event had to be altered this year, but Dimitri is already talking about a combined Barbecue – Drive in Movie event for next year! We also thank all who attended and hope you enjoyed the movie/s.


In my last update I stated that “In preparation for the 2023 Winter (FISU) World University Games major improvements are presently taking place at the venues in order to stay in compliance with International Standards and to keep venues financially stable.” These improvements are long overdue and will enable Lake Placid to host countless numbers of National and International events in addition to the FISU Games.

I am sure that many of you have heard that due to the global COVID -19 pandemic, the Lucerne 2021 Winter Universiade (FISU) Games were postponed and will not take place in January 2021. A potential later date will be discussed in the next two months in consultation with all involved parties including the International Winter Sports Federations. 


Last minute reminder - The North Elba Town Board will hold its monthly meeting September 8th at 6pm. You may check the North Elba Town Website for the meeting agenda and how to zoom in. The meeting room is only available to Board Members and presenters.


The www.forward.ny.gov website allows anonymous complaints of Executive Order regarding COVID-19 protocols by calling 383-789-0470. Your complaint will remain confidential. Townships are notified of the complaint by the County Sherriff’s Department, and then a Notice of Violation is served to the responsible person or business by the Police or Building Code’s office.


Adirondack Health Testing Information and Appointments (518-897-2462)


Testing is still a critical part of the requirements to keep us moving forward. Visit https://www.adirondackhealth.org/covid-testing for the most up to date hours and locations for testing. 


Stay up to date on data for the North Country Region at https://forward.ny.gov/percentage-positive-results-region-dashboard.

Local Positive COVID-19 Data:


                         Essex County    North Elba

July 1, 2020               59                        9

September 4            215                       12


Additional information and daily postings may be found on the Town of North Elba Website, the Town of North Elba Facebook page, the Lake Placid Village Facebook page and Friends of Jay Rand Facebook page.


Relevant local information updates may also be received by subscribing to the Lake Placid Insider.


Although we have made it through the summer with very low positive COVID-19 cases in comparison with other areas – don’t let your guard down, and as the Moose signage states when entering town from whatever direction Wear Masks & Social Distance. 


Hope you enjoyed this beautiful holiday weekend.