Jackrabbit Rally

  • $25 Donation

​​Barkeater Trails Alliance (BETA) brings you the Jackrabbit Rally 2023

The Jackrabbit Rally is a choose-your-own-ski-adventure fundraising event with the goal of celebrating the long and storied history of Adirondack ski touring. This year we also mark the 37th anniversary of the Jackrabbit Ski Trail and the founding of the Adirondack Ski Touring Council (now called BETA!).

Dates: January 25, 2022 - March 20, 2022


To participate in the Jackrabbit Rally you can enjoy any trail of your choosing. If you can participate here in the Adirondacks, great! If not, kick and glide wherever you're able.

Throughout the Jackrabbit Ralley, BETA is also offering several group skis outings for skiers of varying skill levels. Learn more

Why participate?

Your registration donation goes to support improvements to the Jackrabbit Ski Trail and the mission of the Barkeater Trails Alliance (BETA). This includes advocacy efforts, the building and maintenance of BETA trails, and administrative services that keep BETA wheels spinning. None of what we do would be possible without the grassroots support of trail users like you.

What if I'm not a skier? 

No problem. Enjoy the trails in any way that is meaningful to you. If you prefer to snowshoe/walk/run/dog walk, go for it!

How does it work?

  1. Make your $25 Jackrabbit Rally donation by registering online. This year, as part of your donation, you'll receive a limited edition 11X17 print (see below) designed by Nate Jeffery.
  2. Ski any day between now and March 20th. It’s not about speed or distance. It's about getting out there. 
  3. Share your adventure with the BETA community by tagging @betatrails in your social media and including the hashtag #jackrabbitrallyadk. If you don't partake in social media, well, kudos to you - tell your friends the old-fashioned way. 
  4. ​Bask in that après glow and celebrate the fact that we have access to these magical places and spaces.  


Jackrabbit Trail Poster