High Peaks Summit Classic Lacrosse Tournament 2019

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  • 74 Recycle Circle Lane, Lake Placid
  • Spectators welcome!

The High Peaks Summit Classic is, in spirit, a regeneration of the original concept that put us in Lake Placid in the first place, back in 1990. The original idea in 1990 was to invite the lacrosse community to the Adirondacks to play our beloved sport with the exceptional atmosphere of the High Peaks as the stage. That simple idea, which started with a modest 7 teams and play over two days, has evolved into a 7 day, 250 team event with participation ages ranging from 16 to 65+. It’s big. And yet, we have to turn teams away due to capacity constraints. The High Peaks Summit Classic is set to accommodate the interest and desire of the 18+ age groups (the same core groups that got us rolling in the first place) to ‘play in Placid’ who may not been able to find their way into the August event. All the while delivering the original boutique feel which is still so desirable. 

The HPSC will be limited to 36 teams and will be a great lead into the Summer in Lake Placid.