Georgie Bonds Live at Delta Blue

Join us for a live music performance as part of the Adirondack Global Arts Festival with Georgie Bonds!

The average person would be content with fulfilling just one dream, but not Georgie Bonds. He has managed two. Having once been a prominent figure in Philadelphia’s storied Black Cowboys organization, hard work and a twist of fate has brought Georgie to the heart of the blues scene nationally and internationally.

Born and raised in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, Georgie Bonds did not grow up listening to the blues or riding horses. While R&B records fed his musical inspiration since childhood, watching people ride in the park near his home sparked an interest in horses, and led him to buy his first horse at the age of twenty-one. This equine fascination led him to a livelihood in blacksmithing, a skill he trained for in Martinsville, Virginia. For fifteen years, he shod horses and continued to sing, while strumming on a guitar, making up songs for his own entertainment.

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