Dixie's Happy Hour 90 Minute Virtual Performance

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  • $35

From the creators of the smash off-Broadway tour Dixie's Tupperware Party comes a brand new streaming show, Dixie's Happy Hour.

Dixie brings you some new stories while she's mixing up cocktails and challenging you to see the Happy Hours that are right in front of you that you may be overlooking. What do you get when you serve up gin, rum, vodka and tequila? According to Dixie, if it doesn't lead you to doing something where you have to scroll through your photos from last night to see who you need to bake apology cupcakes for, then if you squint in just the right way and change your focus, they'll allow you to see the glory in you that makes you the remarkable person you are.

Dixie's sweet charm and infectious southern drawl will make you want to belly up to the bar for more.

Happy Hour With a Purpose

When you buy tickets to Dixie's Happy Hour you're not just raising a glass – you're raising funds for the LPCA! Thanks to Dixie's generosity, a majority of ticket sales will directly benefit the LPCA.