Child Portraits Online Class with Cynthia Rosen

  • $22

Thursday, February 25, 5:00-7:00PM EST

This online paint-along (or demo for those who prefer to watch) will focus on the elements of the portrait, beginning with a tutorial on the construction of the face. We will then proceed to work with colors and forming the necessary elements to paint the image. Cynthia will use both knife and brush per attendees' request during the workshop. Cynthia will be using oils for this demo but may do a quick mock-up in pastels if requested by attendees. Attendees may use medium of choice.

Recommended Supplies

  • Canvas, panel or heavy watercolor paper (if using water-based medium) - suggested sizes: 11x14, 12x16, square if you want, or 16x20 optional
  • Suggested paint colors for oils, acrylics, gouache: Titanium white, prussian blue or thalo blue, purple dioxizine, cobalt blue or ultramarine, alizarin permanent, cadmium red medium, cad orange, lemon yellow or cad yellow light

Note: If using acrylics, Cynthia suggests having some gesso on hand if your brand of white is not very opaque

  • Brushes: #5, 9, 12, or whatever you are used to
  • Palette Knives: RGM #46 and/or #50 or equivalent shape in other brands.

Reference Image
Click here to download and/or print reference image for class!