Bootlegger's Lantern-lit Sleigh Rides

There's a new twist to the historic Lantern-lit sleigh rides at Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat - a Bootlegger's 1920's experience!

Relive the days when the 1886 Lodge on Lake Clear operated during prohibition! Reserving your ticket gets you a password to get in through the hidden door, access to the Speakeasy & the USA TODAY featured beer cellar, a Great Camp dinner and protection from a 1920's Copper. That's right, we may be raided! Don't worry, your password gives you the keys to the hidden tables. Fun for the family, adventurer or romantic, step back into time at the Lake Clear Lodge on lantern-lit trails. You can reserve just a sleigh ride with Brunet's Farm or take-in a fun, interactive and tasty experience!

Special private and group experiences available. 

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