Book Release + Signing with Reality Star Booking Agent Andy Binder!

Book Release Event with Andy Binder

Join The Bookstore Plus for the release of Andy Binder’s new book, Harsh Reality—Tales from a Z-List Reality Star Booking Agent!

The Bookstore Plus is excited to welcome author and booking agent, Andy Binder, to the store on Saturday, May 26th, 3 to 5 PM. He will be here to celebrate the release of his new reality show book,  Harsh Reality—Tales from a Z-List Reality Star Booking Agent.

About The Book: Reality television: a loaded phrase if ever there was one. To some, it connotes trash: Snooki, Honey Boo-Boo, the Kardashians. People who are pathetic, immoral and disgusting. To others, it says irresistible entertainment: passion, hilarity, love and obsession.

Whatever your feelings about it, there's no doubt that somewhere, somehow, you have come in contact with some form of reality TV. The very first reality television program premiered on MTV in 1992--The Real World. That one show spawned an entire industry, and created a new kind of celebrity-- what author Andy Binder calls "The Z-list Celebrity." In Andy's world, reality television and the Z-list celebrity is neither trash nor passion, but a way of life.

About The Author: Combining his education background and his passion for entertainment, Binder worked for years at several colleges in their campus-activities departments, and teaching Public Speaking, Small-Group Communications, and First-Year Student-Transition Issues. His events have included concerts and shows by comedians Martin Short and Howie Mandel, and hit bands like O.A.R. and Third Eye Blind. Today, Binder continues to get reality TV stars paid for basically whatever and wherever.

For more information please contact The Bookstore Plus, 518.523.2950

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