Beginner's Painting Workshop with Cynthia Rosen

  • $25

Brand new to painting and don't know where to start? Come join Cynthia Rosen from the comfort of home and try your hand at it! Just observe, or follow on with brush in hand. You will also receive a video link after the class (active for approximately 2 weeks) to try it out over and over again.

The first 1/2 hour of the workshop will focus on composition and various mediums.  

The rest will be a demo and we will talk about color mixing, color relationships (cool vs warm), values (light vs dark), terminology, where drawing skills come into play, elements of various approaches (realism, impressionism, expressionism, abstract) and finally, how Cynthia personally starts a painting using a reference image (see below).  Suggested supplies are listed below for those who want to paint along with Cynthia (or on your own later). 

Recommended Supplies:

Canvas, panel or heavy watercolor paper (if using water-based medium) - suggested sizes: 11x14, 12x16, square if you want, or 16x20 optional

Suggested paint colors for oils, acrylics, gouache: titanium white, prussian blue or thalo blue, purple dioxizine, cobalt blue or ultramarine, alizarin permanent, cadmium red medium, cad orange, lemon yellow or cad yellow light

Note: if using acrylics, Cynthia suggests having some gesso on hand if your brand of white is not very opaque.

Reference Image

Click here to download and/or print reference image for class!

International Payments

Participating from outside the US? Contact Tara Palen ( and she will help you process your registration payment!