3-Part Beginner's Acrylic Painting with Georgeanne Gaffney

  • $62

Thursdays, January 7, 14 & 21 from 5:00 - 7:00pm EST

3-Part Beginner's Acrylic Painting Class with landscape and portrait artist, Georgeanne Gaffney!

Join Georgeanne and have fun learning how to paint....... Upside Down!! Learn how this technique frees your mind from overthinking and painting what "you think you should". This approach takes away the pressure of being "perfect". You will learn how to paint what you observe, in colors and shapes, from more of an abstract approach. We will have fun painting a beautiful autumn view of the St. Regis River, an Adirondack landscape photo taken by Georgeanne.

Please print the photo, as you will need to have it to fold into sections.
This workshop offers three classes, one per week for three weeks. Having this amount of time will allow you to complete your piece! There are other unusual techniques that you will learn in addition to painting upside down.....like sanding your painting! You will begin with blocking in your panel, in sections, during class one. At the end of the class, we will lightly sand the surface and see what happens.

Class two, you will start over, layering on top of the work you did the week prior. As you observe what you see more within the photographs and therefore, paint a bit differently then in the first class.

Here are the suggested materials:

  • Acrylic paints, solid body preferred. As everyone has different paints available to them, Georgeanne recommends having your preferred primary and secondary colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple. And white. NO BLACK. We will make our own "black". Georgeanne used different colors depending on her mood and desired palette. For instance, sometimes she wants her red to be Alizarin Crimson. Sometimes she prefers Cadmium Red. And so on......|
  • Surface/Substrate: Pre-Primed or Gessoed Wood or Masonite
  • Jar for water, clean cloth or paper towels, Hairdryer, 220 Sandpaper, one sheet will do
  • Whatever brushes you have on hand, no need for anything special

Questions? Email Tara@lakeplacidarts.org

Reference Image:
Click here to download and/or print reference image for class!