2-Day Workshop: The Poem Peony

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Tuesday & Wednesday, February 23 & 24 5:00-7:00 EST Advanced Beginner/Intermediate

Join Sarah Yeoman as she paints the interior of a Tree Peony named "Joseph Rock" which was originally found in the mountains of Tibet. This lesson will focus on mixing neutral warm and cool grays as we layer in the shadow shapes of the Peony. We will also learn about lost and found edges, lifting pigment and direct paint application. Some masking fluid will be used to save some of our lightest lights.

Cad Yellow
Cad Orange
Perm Rose or Alizarin Crimson Brown Madder
Cobalt Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Viridian (necessary)
Paynes Gray
Neutral Tint

Sarah will be working on a 14x20 Arches 140lb cold press.
Please use good paper!
Arches, Saunders, Fabriano
Paint whatever size you like!

The drawing is provided below. Please have it drawn before class starts.

Sarah will be using #12-#16 Rounds Small round
Masking fluid(small brush for applying masking)
Masking tape for taping your paper
Firm backing board
Spray bottle
2B pencil, Eraser, Hair Dryer

Click here to download and/or print reference image for class!